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Futures Less Travelled is my personal website and is unrelated to my professional work. I often have strong opinions, which do not represent the views of my clients or employers.


The sci-fi and fantasy community, I’ve noticed, seems to be heavy on emotion. As I write about SF&F, this website has a comments policy.

The short version.

Don’t be a dick.

Especially don’t be a dick to women and minorities.

If someone in the comments section thinks you are being a dick, you are probably being a dick.

The slightly longer version:

If you don’t know how you might be a dick, ‘mere vulgar abuse‘ usually qualifies. Also pathos without logosI reserve the right to remove anything that is defamatory under UK law and could land me in legal trouble. 

If you plan to be a persistent troll, consider whether you should get: a) a hobby, b) a job, c) laid. There are thousands of community and charity projects that you can assist online. Think about helping others instead of being a dick.

If you wish to explore difficult ideas with intellectual rigor, please feel free. The author of this website is proud to be (somewhat) contrarian and enjoys debate. That does not mean, however, that you can be a dick.

[Template unashamedly copied from John Scalzi…]

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