The sexual allure of jihad

I have a Gitta Sereny-like fascination with the morality of violence. Film-maker Deeyah Khan spoke to the London Evening Standard about Jihad: A British Story:

I suggest IS may be the ultimate headhunters. Khan nods. “They are. It’s also like grooming. They find out what all your needs are, they build that loyalty and love.”

The documentary looks at how British ex-extremists became radicalised. They sought justice, wanted to feel righteous, escape their oppressive parents, prove they were badass. Or simply felt lonely and guilty. All-too-human desires that a canny recruiter could exploit.

All that said… Most people choose not to shoot-up their neighbourhood. There’s a reason why so many western myths feature characters being tempted into evil, and choosing otherwise by their own free will.

Jihad: A British Story aired on British ITV in June and doesn’t seem to be available online.

[NB: This post is called ‘virtue signalling my political views’ for reasons that (cross fingers) will become obvious somewhere along the line. As an aside, I don’t do tribalism, don’t associate opinions with integrity, don’t see ‘nice’ as a virtue, and am too broad-minded to take my own side in an argument].

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