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Taking on the Boloverse: Are giant tanks outdated?

Last week, I blogged about Keith Laumer’s The Compleat Bolo. This week’s blogpost is a discussion between Tom Kratman and I on the topic of whether giant tanks are a viable future technology. Tom and I are collaborating to turn his Hugo-nominated novella, Big Boys Don’t

Taking on the Boloverse: The Compleat Bolo – Part 1

Last week, I introduced you to my ‘Taking on the Boloverse’ project. My aim, to blog my research for a novel based on Tom Kratman‘s Hugo-nominated novella Big Boys Don’t Cry.  This week, I finished The Compleat Bolo, an anthology of Bolo stories written by American airforce

Introducing ‘Taking on the Boloverse’!

If you’ve ever fancied a mash-up courtroom drama where the defendant is a giant tank, I may have EXACTLY the book for you… Everyone likes HUMUNGOUS mecha, right? And legal-suspense thrillers? Well, perhaps not everyone. I’m a huge fan of John Grisham thrillers, but may be