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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How to get a literary agent

Amy Suiter-Clarke was on my MFA course and has just secured a literary agent for her novel. She’s blogged here about how she secured her agent – without a cold query. I participated in three Twitter pitching contests and sent out dozens of queries before I

Do the Hugo Awards have a short fiction problem?

At least one person complained that the Sad/Rabid Puppy nominees kept award-worthy short stories off the 2015 Hugo ballot… So I was curious. Was this true? Were these stories better than the stuff I’d read? An experiment was in order. I’ve now read the nominees on io9’s Puppy-free

A new magazine for interactive fiction

Sub-Q is a new magazine that claims to be the first to pay professional rates for interactive fiction. They offer $90 for an original 1,000 interactive short story, and are looking for: F/SF, horror, mystery, and mash-up interactive fiction.  We like beautiful, moving prose, but

Where the fires met the sea

Basalt columns, Giant’s Causeway… Legend has it that Irish giant Finn MacCool built these spectacular stone pillars, but they were actually created by rivers of molten rock some 50-60 million years ago. Today, the Giant’s Causeway and surrounding coast is a World Heritage Site. Click here to read more about the

Read for the day – The School of English

My complaint about the Hugo Awards 2014 Best Short Story was that the winner was mediocre literary fiction, which raises the question – “What is good literary fiction?” So I asked a few Facebook friends to recommend some literary short stories they loved. I’ve read one

Sicilian Sunday bake-off

Never argue with a Sicilian when cakes are on the line… Not only is Sicily one of my favourite places in the world, but they also have perhaps the best patisserie. Having been roped into an office bake-off, I couldn’t resist dipping into Sweet Sicily for these